The next phase in Graduate Assistance…

The next phase in Graduate Assistance…

Happy Thursday, Bloggers!

This past week has been pretty exciting. For starters, I am in the beginning stages of learning how to create and edit a video. The UALR Center for Arkansas History and Culture (CAHC) has an enormous collection of interviews from Japanese-Americans who were relocated from California to live in internment camps all across the United States after Pearl Harbor was bombed by Japan. Two of these camps were located in Arkansas – the Jerome War Relocation Center and the Rohwer War Relocation Center.  These interviews include not only the people interned at the camps in Arkansas, but also the people living outside the camps. Most of these interviews are around one and a half to about two hours in length. As awesome as it is for me to hear the entire interview, it may not catch the attention of everyone – but there are keywords and topics that may ignite someone’s interest. My job is to take these longer interviews and edit them into a short, 3-5 minute video that will be highlighted on the UALR CAHC’s Youtube page for the world to see! The link is above, so when you have time click on it and watch a few videos. I will upload a direct link to mine when I am finished and it is posted.

The Mary Lee Harris Papers, the collection that I am slowly processing, has a pretty cool section with books, pamphlets and documents about being a midwife. One of the women highlighted in this collection was a midwife, and many of her belongings were kept and donated to the UALR CAHC (aka the Mary Lee Harris Papers). I am pretty excited about this because this means I am going to be doing a Facebook series post! I will post about 5-6 times and showcase an individual item each time, bringing them all together to focus on the information I found in the midwife section. Again, once these are starting to be posted I will put the link up here so that you can all view it as well. This is a great way for me to start getting a little more in-depth with the collection as well as learn how to tie in a general “theme” when working with Facebook posts at an archive.

So next week should be an even greater amount of information and fun things for you to look through. Until then!

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