All things must come to an end…

Well, bloggers, this is my last day for this semester at the UALR Center for Arkansas History and Culture. I have successfully processed a collection – the Mary Lee Harris Papers – which should be on the shelves as soon as a few loose ends are tied up. I have also digitized an entire document collection, which took a grand total of 42 hours between February 18-May 5. I averaged two hours a day two times a week on that project and am happy to see it finalized! I learned the research room well enough to at least contemplate helping patrons who were researching…though I do have to say a bit more training in that department would have been helpful! Luckily, the other people who were at the desk on the genealogy side were extremely nice, shout out to Rhonda and Anna!

As promised earlier in the semester, I have the link for my finalized Life Interrupted video: Ruth Kawana Yonemoto.

This was a two hour long interview with Ruth Kawana Yonemoto, an internee at the Rohwer Relocation Center during World War II. My job was to condense this oral history into a 3-5 minute clip that had a general “theme”. There are many themes to pick from in these interviews, but I chose to focus on the racial stereotype and discrimination that Yonemoto suffered from friends and strangers after the attack on Pearl Harbor…all because she had Japanese heritage. Its an interesting piece and I hope to do more of this in the future.

I learned how to work Archivists’ Toolkit in order to create a finding aid, specifically the one for Mary Lee Harris. I also uploaded pictures into CONTENTdm. CONTENTdm is used by archives to store and manage digital materials. During the last month and a half of my GA, we received a grant for a project called the Arkansas Foodways Project, which was part of the larger Arkansas Heritage Month, which focused on Arkansas culture, specifically food. Along with the other archivists, I pulled books from the UALR collection that pertained to food and scanned these recipes in order to create a menu. This menu will potentially be recreated for the event, The Arkansas Food Festival, which is scheduled on May 18. I also scanned pictures of food dating back to the early 1900s, some of which included hunting parties and food markets, and uploaded these to CONTENTdm. Remember my post about Dublin Core? Well, I finally was able to use Dublin Core in a professional setting – these pictures are now uploaded and properly labeled.

Speaking of the Foodways Project, another thing I did to help was to create the timeline for the event. From the early 1800s to the present day, Arkansas has a rich history of agriculture, which I helped define and chronicle in a timeline that will be online. For now, here is the link for the event: Heritage Month Event. Soon, my timeline will be featured, until then if you are in town, stop by for the event!

This isn’t goodbye, so do not fret. I have the digital internship this summer with the UALR CAHC, so you will hear from me again. See you soon!

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