the end…and the beginning!

Hello bloggers!

Today was my last day as the Digital Intern at the UALR Center for Arkansas History and Culture. Its been a great journey. I started as the graduate assistant for my first semester in graduate school and ended as the digital intern.

I have learned so much in only seven months span. I have to sincerely thank all of the archivists and of course Chad, the technology expert, for the educational experience as well as the applied experience. I can process a collection, use not only CONTENTdm but Archivist Toolkit, Handbrake, Audacity, and of course, WordPress. I have created the extensive beginnings of my digital exhibit for Carl Bailey, which brings me one MAJOR step closer to finishing my thesis. I have been able to digitize almost any type of media, from a reel-to-reel to VHS to DVD. I am confident I will take these experience and build upon them.

I hope to continue my collaboration with the UALR CAHC and with the digital team so I can become a better historian. I will be able to show the new generation the past, with their ever changing technology.

Starting in the fall, I will be at the William J. Clinton Presidential Library as their graduate assistant. I know that the great experience I have learned last semester and over the summer will help me with the tasks that fall before me and I cannot thank the people for helping me along the way.

Thank you Kaye, Colin, Shannon, Kimberly, Dr. Baldwin and Chad for a great experience. There are others who have helped me as well, and I do not mean to offend by not mentioning. I worked everyday with the above people and they have helped me in my career path. I will keep you in my correspondence.

Though I am ending one chapter of my career, I will be opening a new one in a few weeks. I cannot wait!!

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