William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum

Wow, its been awhile!

It’s be a wonderful few weeks as the graduate assistant at the Clinton Library. Stephanie, a fellow student in a few classes with me this semester, is my partner in crime during the middle of the week when I am scheduled at the library.

This semester has been packed full of events and things right off the bat! I am taking Historical Methods, Digital Archival Conservation (with Chad and Shannon!) and Introduction to Public History. In addition to this, I also am the Co-President/Vice President (basically we both wanted to be President, but he graduates early so we made a deal to share the duties so we can both get the experience) of Phi Alpha Theta National History Association Iota-Zeta chapter (UALR’s chapter)!! I am planning on volunteering as the representative for the public history program at the next Graduate Student Association meeting – which is a lot like student government, but for graduate students. I hope to keep busy, but understand that to succeed in the history world I need to set myself apart. This included leadership opportunities, learning how to create a budget for a group of people, and continued education beyond my university.

As for the graduate assistance, that too has been great. Every day it seems like I learn something new. The stuff we do is right up my alley. Inventory, while it may sound boring and I’m sure eventually I’ll hit a wall, is actually kind of exciting when you find an interested and exciting artifact. This is a lot of the same stuff that I did while interning at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in their offsite location, so I get the process.

I should also mention that my article on Philip Kaplan was published on the Encyclopedia of Arkansas recently. Click on his name to view, and enjoy! It was awesome to be asked to write for them this past summer and I hope to be asked in the future.

Until next time, bloggers, keep checking back!

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