Happy Holidays from the Clinton Library!

Hello bloggers! I hope that your Thanksgiving was full of food and fun! I’m back from vacation and at it again in inventory world at the Clinton Library.

Latin Superman Comic Today, I deviated from the traditional inventory to start cataloging a collection that was recently transferred to us from the archives. Sometimes, as the archivists are processing a collection, they come upon items or artifacts. Normally, the archivists deal only with paper or documents. When they stumble upon these items, they determine if it is worth saving, and from there they contact us in the museum side of the library. This way, we can keep the collection and possibly display it in a future exhibit, without throwing away something that may be of value. I was cataloging some of these items.

The one I found most interesting were these Superman comic books from the mid 1990s that are written in either the Latin alphabet or the Cyrillic alphabet. They were distributed in the Serbo-Croatian area to teach children to avoid landmine zones. How crazy is this? We in the United States have absolutely NO concept of a landmine zone, unless we have personally traveled outside the US to visit one. It is amazing to think that these harmful objects can be lying in an open field where children could play, and ultimately kill themselves. I find these comics fascinating. I can’t read the language, but I get the gist of the comic. Superman saves not only children, but the dog as well, and carefully explains the dangers of the landmine zones. Astonishing! Its gems likes this that make museum life so interesting!

Tonight the the Clinton Foundation’s Holiday Party. Stephanie and I are ready to rock and hopefully meet former President Bill Clinton himself! Until next time!

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