End of another semester!

historianHello Bloggers! Its that time again – the end of another semester!

I have had a wonderful time at the Clinton Library this semester, and want to thank Chris, Kit, Joseph, Stephen and Jennifer for allowing me to post a few pictures online, as well as tell my story for the world to read. Also, for their support and for the great educational experiences I learned this semester. I am part of their re-inventory process, and I help catalog new collections, which can include transfers from the Archives or the personal collection of former President William Clinton.  I have learned how to preserve certain precious objects, such as the chair Hillary Clinton sat in when she was Secretary of State, and I also have helped them move around objects in order to find a “forever home”. I went up to the Archives and help them process collections, which only enhanced my experiences from the UALR CAHC when I was an archives graduate assistant. I was even able to take part in the exhibit change that happened this year! And, I’m happy to announce, President Clinton did shake my hand at the Holiday Party – what a great semester! Thank you all!

In another wave of exciting news, I found out that the proposal Allison Hiblong, Stephanie Sims and I sent in for the Arkansas Museum Association was accepted! We are officially going to present at the AMA conference in Helena next year! Whoo!

As I start my break, I still can’t help but get excited for next semester and the new experiences I know that I will learn along the way. Until next time, be safe, and Happy Holidays!

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