Back in action!

Hello bloggers! Welcome back and happy start to your 2015! I am very excited to come back and see familiar faces at the Clinton library, and to start off with a bang! Right away, we are putting in a new traveling exhibit on Charles M. Schulz and his cartoon creation Charlie Brown. We don’t have much time – today is Tuesday, and we have to have the exhibit up and ready to view by Friday morning. Its a quick turnover since the traveling exhibit which was in the space before left last Friday, and we did not even get the artifacts and items until yesterday afternoon!

Today we started off unpacking everything and making sure that 1. we actually got everything that they said they sent and 2. that it is still in good condition. This is the registrar’s job. Joe (with help from Stephen, Kit and I) went through and looked at all of the items. Jen came by and helped as well, but her main job is actually to take those artifacts and start putting them up for display. We are working well together and having a little fun, as you can see!

In addition to starting back at the Clinton library, I am also starting school back up. Thankfully, it is not as big of a workload as it was last semester. Which is good, because I will not only be presenting for the Arkansas Museum Association Conference, but I will be presenting a paper on Carl Bailey for Phi Alpha Theta and research on Carl Bailey for the UALR Expo. If you remember, I did it last year as well, on the Civil War Battle of Pea Ridge. Anyway, I will be taking my thesis course, an independent study with Chad Garrett on creating a BitCurator workflow and best practices, and my internship credit. Thankfully, I’ve already done the internship (remember??) so its just adding the credit to my degree. I did get straight A’s last semester, so the I’m pretty happy about that! I’ll keep up the good work!

Until next time!

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