Exhibits, design and thesis!

WP_20150219_004Hello Bloggers!

Welcome back after a frigid break! It’s been crazy here in Little Rock. The Clinton Library has been closed for the last few days, and the city has basically shut down because of icy roads, cold temperatures and late night snow! Keep safe and warm out there!WP_20150219_001

Last week, Joseph and I decided that it was about time that we as GA’s start and finish a major project. To be more specific, we decided that the pictures on display up on the 3rd floor for the Archivists to view needed to be switched out for more exciting pictures. We decided that our theme would be “The Clinton’s Abroad”, and went through the many (MANY) pictures in storage and found great pictures of either Hillary or Bill Clinton during their time in office, specifically them traveling abroad. One of my favorites is the one to the right. This is Bill Clinton in Russia. Look at that hat! I can’t believe how cold it looks there…and then I think of how cold it actually is where I am living!

Since this is only for the eyes of the Archivists and the other employees who venture up to the 3rd floor, it does not have to be super perfect – but we did want it to be close since this was a project we were doing! The pictures were all measured so that they are even on the walls, and we made sure there was an even-ish amount of landscape and portraits. The pictures span the entire length of the walls on the 3rd floor. Besides the pictures, you’ll notice the panels below the picture. WP_20150219_003Each picture has a number associated with it, which is written, as well as a description and the photographer credit. The date and place are also in the description. The reason for this is not only to educate the people looking at the picture, but if they wanted a personal copy they can take that number and talk to the AV department and have them print off the picture. How cool is that?

Joseph did a great job of going back and making sure everything lined up exactly and switched around a few photos to make the “flow” better. It’s little things like this that will help us in the museum world when we actually have our high profile career! We didn’t want too many Hillary Clinton photos next to each other, or even a repeat of a picture in the same area but at a different time. Now, everyone can enjoy the exotic pictures of the Clinton’s travels and we can say we’ve helped set up a photograph display – even if it was just for fun!WP_20150219_002

Now that the ice is starting to thaw (and hopefully no other storm is heading our way) I will leave you with these pictures as well as the notice that my thesis should soon be approved and I can then start planning a defense date! Yay! More details to follow when I know them! Enjoy the rest of your week, bloggers, and stay warm!

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