End of the semester, on to summer! #findyourpark

unnamedHello bloggers! I hope I didn’t leave you for too long this time! School is over for me this semester. Another round of A’s under my belt, some excellent experience logged from the Clinton Library and by the end of the month I will be married. I’m excited to share with you a few things that have been happening to me recently, and of course to dive into summer plans!

Now that the end of the semester is really here, and I have successfully defended my thesis, all that is left in that department is editing and the final copy for the graduate school. In the fall, I will finish up my master’s degree with my last semester! I will have three wonderful classes that will help me define my Public History degree in the museum field, and I will continue back with the Clinton Library. Pan LRCH - HDR

This summer, I will be full time at Central High National Historic Site. I hope that if you are in the Little Rock area, you will swing by and join us on a tour or come visit the museum itself and learn about the tense situation that happened right here at Central High School in 1957. In addition to this, we are kicking off our #findyourpark initiative. The National Park Service will celebrate their centennial next year (100 years of service!!) and the National Park Foundation is recruiting people from all over the country to be apart of the celebration! The National Park Service includes not only parks, but historic sites, monuments, battlefields, etc. and if you find a place to call your own, or possibly several, tell us about it! Blog about it, write about it, sing, dance, write a poem about it…and share it with others. Collaborate. Engage. This is not just my country, but yours as well. And stop by Central High National Historic Site, we can take a selfie together. 🙂 Get excited with this video and see how you can be involved!!

Until next time bloggers. Have a safe summer, and I hope to see those national park pictures floating around!

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