Back to School! #summerisntover #iloveschoolsupplies

Welcome back, Bloggers! It has been an amazing summer filled with fun, heat, sand, and history! But, like all good things, it has to come to an end today. Tomorrow, I start my first day of my LAST semester in graduate school! I am beyond excited. Museum Administration, Seminar and Thesis class and then I will be receiving my Masters in Public History! How cool is that? (Super cool!) So, while we say goodbye to summer, I say hello to fall…and then hopefully we just skip winter. But, enough about weather…lets get to the good stuff!

20150816_123159This summer at the Central High National Historic Site, I was involved in so much more than the usual tours of the school and desk shifts in the front. I participated in the CLMOOC, where I was part of a Twitter chat and a really cool Make Cycle Archive on Geo-locating your Spaces! In addition, I created a really cool YouTube video (where I wrote the script as well!) where I talk about the Magnolia/Mobil Station that sits right across the street from the Visitor Center. History can be anywhere, including an old 1950’s gas station! I also assisted with an exhibit to highlight National Outdoors Month (June) and the Great American Camp-Out. Lastly, I was tasked early on with the important role of “brochure procurer” and I believe I went above and beyond to make sure that we not only had all of the museums in Little Rock represented, but many of the National and State sites as well! I even have the state highway maps, the North Little Rock dining, RV park and city map AND the bus/trolley schedule! Whose ready to come to Arkansas and see all the amazing things we have to offer?!

The summer wasn’t all work and no fun! I got MARRIED! Spend a great week down in my gorgeous homeland of Florida, got to visit with friends and family that I haven’t seen in years and got the chance to marry my best friend! (insert sappy music here) All in all, it was a wonderful summer with great experiences!

Now I will be starting back to school, back at the Clinton Library with my GA and here at Central mainly on the weekends. It’s gonna be a busy fall. Between my jobs (three!) and classes (two!), I also hope to FIND A JOB before I graduate! Hopefully, either attending the National Association of Interpreters Conference in November or my position here at CHS in the Pathways program will help me with that path!

As always, fellow bloggers, keep your eyes here for more fun filled history updates! Until next time…

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