New exhibits! #cocacola #100thanniversary

coca colaHello Bloggers! I am so excited to announce that the Clinton Library will be changing out the Dinosaur exhibit to make way for a new exhibit! Coca-Cola: An American Original. How exciting! We are clearing out the loading dock so that we can start the process of accepting the new exhibit pieces and objects and begin the inventory process, and at the same time break down the old Dinosaur exhibit and begin to ship it out to its new location.

This is where the registrar and curator work together in order to make sure that each piece that leaves is inventoried for any damage and properly stored for shipping. The new pieces that come in also need to be inventoried, and from there set up by the curator. Next blog post will highlight Joseph Angemi, Jr, who is currently the registrar here at the Clinton Library. I had a great interview with him, and Joe shared a lot of great information about his past, his current job, and his goals for the future. So, don’t go away too soon!

Setting up and breaking down an exhibit are time consuming and strategic to get the most out of the resources and space that  you have. If you can remember all the way back to the Peanuts exhibit earlier this year, you will remember me mentioning that the amount of objects that were given to us could not fit in the smaller temporary exhibit space that we have here at the Library. That is where the major decisions come into play – what do we want to display, and what can we leave out that won’t ruin the theme or reason the exhibit is here in the first place? These are important questions to consider, and we did a wonderful job of picking and choosing. We may or may not need to do that this time around, but I will let you know as we unwrap everything!coca cola 1

The pictures you see are not necessarily how the final exhibit will look, but they are taken from other exhibits around the world. In addition, we will be getting some Andy Warhol paintings! I am very excited about this, because I do not have much experience working with art objects. I did a few with the Peanuts exhibit, but I will be glad to tackle the task again for additional training.

Updates on classes: They are going great. Right now, I am mainly focused on my Seminar class, where I am one of the Project Managers for our history on the Little Rock Zoo. This is a great way for me to gain experience running a large project where the main goal is a combined history of the Zoo, including a time-line and additional resources for future study. Our group is very informed, and working hard together for this common goal. Learning to communicate with others, run an effective meeting, and finish a large project in such a short amount of time will only add to my experiences!

Keep your eyes here for more exciting things happening as the semester progresses!

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