Coca-Cola Exhibit Introduction

20151106_183510Hello bloggers! Now that you have read all the backstory on how to set up a museum exhibit, let me introduce you to the finished product!

One of the most intensive things that we did to set up, was to bring in an authentic 1949 Coca-Cola delivery truck. I helped the crew make sure that the truck was able to successfully make it through a small door frame as they drove the truck into the museum. Take a look!

Hanging framed artwork is always a task, especially when the paintings are from Andy Warhol and Norman Rockwell. This painting that I am standing next to is one of the most famous pieces of artwork by Rockwell. I am so proud that I was able to help with the process of evaluating the painting when it arrived, and then help set up part of the exhibit. It’s a team effort! Joseph and I worked hard throughout these past two weeks assisting the museum team and the Clinton Foundation in 20151106_200541installation and safety for these wonderful paintings, and you can see Joseph and I here in front of the Coca-Cola bottles. We helped measure and install the displays that they are in, and even got to use power tools!

Clinton (my husband) and I went to the museum opening for 20151106_183903Foundation members and staff of NARA the night before the exhibit opened for the general public. There was a speech by President Clinton, and then the exhibits opened for us to view. It was great walking through and having people ask questions about certain pieces – and then I was able to answer! That’s the best part, in my opinion, when dealing with museums and the public. I love talking to people about the history behind an artifact, or even things like what is the general theme, and why did we pick a particular piece to display in a certain area. Here is a great example. See the bottom of the display that I am standing next to in the picture to the left? That is an authentic, 1930s Coca-Cola display of the boy fishing, taken from the Rockwell painting that you see in the first picture above. Seems rather strange that it would be in a display case, since it is so large and seems pretty secure. But, it is actually rather old and flimsy material that is not appropriate to put in reach of patrons. We want to keep the item as authentic as possible for further generation to enjoy, which is was the decision was made to put it behind a glass display. 20151106_200101

You’ll notice in this next picture something you may have seen before in my blog – the matted pictures! After helping Stephanie and Joseph mat, we now can enjoy our work on the walls of the exhibit. It’s so nice to see all the hard work you do as a finished product for others to enjoy!

If you are in the Little Rock area, don’t hesitate to stop by the Clinton Library and see this artwork for yourself! I promise it will not disappoint. Until next time!

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