Graduation and Thank You!

Welcome back Bloggers! It’s been an exciting two years, and while this is not goodbye, I will not be updating this blog as often as I have. I will be graduating today, and I am so excited to begin the next phase in my life. I will be announcing this officially on Facebook here soon, but if you are one of the few that actually read this blog when it is posted, you will be the first to know that I have accepted a position with the National Park Service at Fort McHenry in Baltimore Maryland, and am just waiting on an official start date to move!

Mary Lee Harris. Collection I processed at CAHC.

It has been a whirlwind of events since Clinton and I moved to Little Rock at the end of 2013. I received my first graduate assistance at the UALR Center for Arkansas History and Culture, where I learned about archives and how to process collections. Thank you Colin, Shannon, Kaye, Kimberly and Dr. Baldwin for all of your help that semester. A special shout-out to Chad for all of his help, for he not only put up with me that semester, but brought me back as the digital archives intern over the 2014 summer, allowed me to take his Archives of the 21st Century class that fall semester, and worked with me on an independent study in spring 2015 where I created the BitCurator manual along with Lydia for CAHC. Without their help, I would never have heard about Carl Bailey, created my digital exhibit, met Bailey’s son, or learned about archives in the first place! Lydia, you were such a help with the BitCurator manual, so thank you personally!

Rockwell original I helped install!

I applied and was hired as a graduate assistant at the Clinton Library to help add to my museum experience, where I stayed for the next year and a half of my academic studies. I learned so much while I was there as well, which is also chronicled in this blog. Thank you Chris, Jennifer, Joe, Kit, Stephanie and Joseph for working with me and teaching me everything you know. It was such a delight working with great minds and being a part of your team! I also was able to cross-train during my time there to keep my archival experience relevant, for a semester with Rachael in archival processing and Adam in digital processing. Thank you, both!


The Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum has always held a special place in my heart. I love working around veterans and giving tours about military history, and this place had both. Thank you Greg and Allison for 20151207_145052allowing me the opportunity to work in such a great place, giving tours on Razorback, and I am so excited to see Hoga made it to your site before I officially left. Thanks Telina, Neal, Lyle, Bryce, Ashley, Joseph, John Jones, Paul, Jim, Joe, John Barr, Mark, Meridith, Bill, and all the other employees and veterans I worked with during my 10 months there. It was such a wonderful experience!

Driving the Mark Twain

I held one other position while I was attending graduate school (yep, 3 jobs, 50+ work week and a full time graduate student!) More personal than the rest was my time as a Captain on the Mark Twain, a paddle-wheeler that is docked in North Little Rock. Thank you Dwayne for training me and being such a delight to work with, and of course I cannot forget Roberta, Anita, Stacy, and Justin and your two sons! It was great working with you all, having a great time, and adding to my seatime!


Central High School NHS helped propel me from a Pathways student to a full time permanent employee in the National Park Service, and their efforts cannot go unnoticed. I am especially fortunate to have such 12244299_10104429397229291_3266207034626971897_oknowledgeable staff who helped me in my personal and professional life grow as an individual and future NPS employee. Thank you Robin, Enimini, Toni, Jodi, Kara, Nick, MarQuis, Fabian, Sally, Chelsea, Markelle, Brian, Rob, Roberto, Evan, Josh, Mike, and all the students I worked with in some fashion for CHS. I also want to thank everyone I worked with professional through NPS that are not located at this site. There are a ton to mention, but thank you!

Carl Bailey and me!

Last but not least, thank you UALR History Department. I was able to receive a graduate assistance to pay for my college, I learned so much about Little Rock and Arkansas because of the opportunities available, and the teachers were excellent. Thank you especially to my thesis committee, Dr. Romney, Dr. Moneyhon, and Chad, and a special shout-out to Dr. Baldwin, who helped immensely by teaching me how to act as a leader in the seminar class and how to work with a large group professionally. Thank you to additional teachers: Kurt, Dr. Stricklin, and Jodi.

I’m sure I missed someone, so a general THANK YOU to anyone and everyone who helped me along the way. I could not have done it FB_IMG_1449671517500without you! Continue to look to this blog in the future, mainly for large projects or great professional accomplishments that I will write about during my career. Clinton and I will be creating a new blog about our camping and hiking adventures once we move to Baltimore, so I’ll still have something for you bloggers to follow!

Until next time!



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