Krka National Park, Croatia

20180413_162210After leaving Zadar we headed to Šibenik to stay one more night in Croatia before flying back to the Netherlands. Šibenik is just about an hour south of Zadar, and hosts one of the most beautiful National Parks I have seen! Krka National Park was actually a stop before heading to our Airbnb in the city later that evening. The park was designated a national park in 1985 primarily to serve as a science, culture, educational, and recreational competent. The park itself includes the Krka River, which is the 22nd longest river in Croatia. Flowing out of the Dinara mountain ranger, it includes seven waterfalls that are strewn across the park.

There are four ways to enter the park: Skradin, Bilice, Raslina, and Zaton. We entered through Skradin, a small town that connects to the park via a ferry ride (picture above, facing the entrance to Krka National Park). It wasn’t until around 1997 that the development of tourism resulted in a large change in the park boundaries to assist with protection of the park resources. It was really interesting to see such an active park, especially when coming from such a remote location in Sali only a couple days before. Krka National Park actually hosts a lot in regards to tourism, including a restaurant, sightseeing tours, souvenir shops, boat tours, and a museum. Because we were transitioning from one overnight location to another we had our backpacks with us and only a short amount of time to catch the only bus back into town so we were unable to do a boat tour, but we did the walking tour around the park to take in the sights!

The Skradiniski buk is a beautiful natural pool with high waterfalls almost completely 20180413_150633surrounding the area, and it was out first stop on the walk. There is a large bridge that walks you around one side of the pool so you can take in the view and see the waterfalls.  It is the largest travertine cascade system in Europe. There is actually a total of 17 waterfalls. Can you spot them all?

We stuck to the education trail and took our time walking around and seeing the beautiful falls and scenery. We were able to see the water-powered plants that date back to the 19th century. During the summer they host demonstrations on how wheat was 20180413_131923.jpgmilled, cloth washed and more. Krka National Park also includes a monastery and archaeological site Burnum. There are many other falls along the way, like the one pictured on the left, but they all aren’t named because they aren’t a certain height or distance. Beautiful nonetheless! While we did not see everything there are other great things to offer for the next time we visit!

Visiting Krka National Park was one of our main goals when going to Croatia so we were so excited to be able to visit. Luckily it was during the slow season so there were not too many people visiting at the time. There are areas to swim, but at the time we arrive the water level was too high for swimming – plus I’d imagine it was cold!

Remember this week is still National Park Week! It doesn’t matter if you are near a national park, find a park close to you and visit for a day. Learn something new try something exciting, and remember to be a good steward to your parks!


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