#TalleyYourAdventure #TravelTips – Your Vehicle is your friend!

Moki Dugway, Highway 261

Have you ever found yourself ready for your next adventure but not sure what to pack? When the #TravelingTalleys head out on the road we make sure that not only are we packed for a great trip, but the car is as well.

We’ve always had smaller vehicles when traveling. Right now we own a Honda Accord and before that we traveled across the country with a Honda Civic. We aren’t afraid to head out into the frontier (whatever that may be for trip) but we do make sure that we are as smart about it as possible. We pack at least five bottles of water in case we need to drink it or we need it for an emergency with the car. We usually have radiator fluid and possibly oil in case of an extreme emergency. Recently we purchased a container that will hold gasoline. We also own a motorcycle (Harley Davidson 48 Special) and want to make sure that if we decide to head out on the open road that we have extra gasoline. Many motorcycle tanks are smaller and only hold 2-6 gallons depending on the bike. Long road trips are thrilling on a bike but we also want to make sure that we return – and gas stations are always along remote roads! We’ve taken care to note the area where gas stations are located along our normal routes and how many miles they are away from the next area. You don’t want to be lost in the middle of nowhere with no general idea of where you are or how far away you are from civilization. If this means you fill up at half a tank no matter what, stick with your plan. Clinton and I had a similar plan and it helps before we head out into an area where we’ve never been before. We know we have food, water, and enough gas for our vehicle to get to the next destination. We also always travel with an vehicle tire pump so that if we end up with a flat we can at least get to the next town.

Know when to pull over and give your car a break just like yourself. It’s tiring driving in a car all day long – get out and stretch! Respect your car and take care of it. Get your oil changes, maintain your car, wash it occasionally. The sooner you realize that your vehicle is a valuable member of your entourage, the better!

Red Canyon, Highway 12

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