Center of the Grand Circle #PageAZ #FindYourPark

Moving to Page Arizona has been sensational so far. It really is a small town, and living where I do in suburbia reminds me of growing up in Winter Park, Florida. Except instead of the beach there are tons of sandstone. It’s fantastic! We knew that we were truly fortunate to have the opportunity to live in an area that was close to so many of our favorite public lands. Generally, Page Arizona is about two hours away from a variety of scenery – from mountains to deserts to forests.

The city itself was founded in 1957 as a housing community for the Glen Canyon Dam. This land was obtained in a land exchange with Navajo Nation. The city is located on top of Manson Mesa at 4,300 feet and 600 feet above Lake Powell. It is considered the gateway to Glen Canyon National Recreationa Area and Lake Powell. Though the city’s year round population is less than 3,000, the city amasses more than three million each year because of the popularity of the surrounding landscape. Not to mention the fact that as the center point for the Grand Circle, Page is within a quick days drive to many other National Parks and public lands.

We’ve only been here for a few months but we already really like the ease of getting around and how quiet it is! The area close by hosts many opportunities to hike and climb on the sandstone. Only a 15 minute drive brings you to Lone Rock – an access site to Lake Powell with a large beach. We love the area because the dogs can explore and we can climb around on the rocks for fun. Drive out further and you can attempt to make it out to Warm Creek. We never get far in our Honda Accord but we do try and hike out as far as we can once we reach a good car stopping point!

The sunsets here are amazing! Driving out to any one of the multiple viewpoints in the park is a good place to pull over and watch the sun set. Make sure you stick around and watch the stars come out – though it is worth noting that many of the stars that you image seeing don’t come out until later in the evening. Making another trip out a few hours after sunset is definitely worth it! Seeing the stars in remote areas is remarkable. If you do end up heading to Page make sure to read the weather and traffic report. There aren’t a lot of ways to get in and out of Page so make sure you know if there is construction ahead or possible closures. Be smart and pack for long stretches of time without a gas station or convenience store. Even if you don’t have an itinerary there are so many great things you can do on the spur of the moment, no one will be bored. 🙂

If you decide to come out west remember that there are many other types of parks out there other than the larger National Parks. Get out and explore the surrounding area and don’t be afraid to go down the path less traveled. If that means take a few hours out of your day for a scenic path, do it! This is a beautiful country – go and see it for yourself!

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