#TalleyYourMiles at Alabama Hills – Bureau of Land Management #SierraNevadas #AlabamainCali #CaliExperience #ThanksgivingAdventures

Clinton and I were able to log a bunch of #TalleyYourMiles during our Thanksgiving adventure through California. In case you forgot between the other blog posts, we left and drove through Death Valley, north through Yosemite, around the Sierras to Sequoia/Kings Canyon, and then back around the Sierra through Death Valley for a second time before heading home. One of the spots we wanted to revisit that we had the pleasure of seeing back in 2011 when we lived out west was the Alabama Hills. Back then we hiked a bit more around the rock formations, but this time we had our dogs with us. There are plenty of places to stop off and park once you enter the Alabama Hills Recreation Area. In the distance are the Sierras with Mt. Whitney on display through the two different types of rock exposed at the Alabama Hills. Natural arches are easily accessible and there are a few notable arches including Mobius Arch, which gives many photographers an easy picture as it perfectly highlights Mt. Whitney in it’s arch.

The Alabama Hills Arch Nature Trail is an easy 15 minute round trip hike around the recreation area. If you are driving in like we did there is plenty of space to park around the park and explore, even if you aren’t able to walk the traditional trail. The Alabama Hills were formed at the same time as the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The increasingly arid climate weathered the rocks on the east side that were exposed, and sculpted the into ledges, spires, and natural arches. The landscape looks as surreal as the history of this interesting part of the country. Because of its beauty, there area many Hollywood films and TV shows, including the Lone Ranger series and 2008 Iron Man that was and still is filmed in the area. It is very beautiful but also very popular. We did bring our dogs with us, but that didn’t leave us much opportunity to hike too far off at this location. We recommend visiting the Alabama Hills under any condition – even if it is just a quick drive through!

We’ve had the opportunity to visit this gorgeous place twice so far in our lives and hope that we can go back again and again! This is only one part of our multi-day trip through California in 2019 while celebrating Thanksgiving and adding to our #TalleYourMiles. 219 miles did not come easy, but we hope that we can encourage you to follow the trail before you and visit more of your public lands!

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