Welcome back!

Wow! It has been over a year since we’ve updated this webpage, and I honestly can only #BlameCovid…THANKS COVID.

Seriously, the past year seems like a blur. I have a new job (yay!), we’re trying to #GetOutdoors as much as possible, all while still navigating through this ever changing Pandemic. As I am sure all of your know through your own various experiences, this can be a challenge! Because we have not had the ability to travel as far and wide as we usually do, and because we have found ourselves in a few interestingly unique experiences while camping and driving recently, my future posts won’t necessarily be about places we’ve been that are new. To tell you the truth, we’ve been visiting a lot of the same places over and over because of the many closures in our area. Navajo Nation Parks just recently opened, but only in a small capacity. Glen Canyon National Recreation Area has unprecedented visitation…and as great as that is for the city, for Clinton and I we’re trying to find the place where we can be alone in nature! Many of the parks around us have timed or limited entry. Backcountry travels like us (and you!) know that this is more frustrating than anything. But we can work through it to see our beautiful public lands!

Our adventures have led us into situations where we had to tow our vehicle out of a forest road (shredded tire), replace the glass in our truck canopy (UTAH), and weekly travels between multiple states for work (and avoid the crazy sand storms!). I am excited to invite your attention back to our blog where I will hopefully continue to entertain you with our experiences – and the results!

We’ve learned a lot this past year and I hope our experience will only influence you to continue to SAFELY enjoy the Great Outdoors. Thanks for keeping with us!

-Nicci and Clinton

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