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Big Trees and Mighty Rivers – Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park

Clinton and I have had the pleasure of visiting Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park multiple times in the past, each time has left us in awe. The serenity and beauty of the giant sequoias, and the strength and magnificence of kings canyon are… Continue Reading “Big Trees and Mighty Rivers – Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park”

Visiting Mojave National Preserve #TalleyYourAdventure #FindYourPark

One of the fascinating things I have learned living out west is that no two deserts are truly the same. Case in point, Mojave National Preserve! Located throughout southern California and Nevada, the Mojave Desert is considered “high desert”, or desert between 2,000 and… Continue Reading “Visiting Mojave National Preserve #TalleyYourAdventure #FindYourPark”

Pictures – Grand Canyon Rim to Rim

Welcome back! Hopefully you enjoyed reading about my trip from the north rim to the south rim – I had a great time writing about it. Especially after Clinton and I went back last weekend to visit the south rim. Looking down into the… Continue Reading “Pictures – Grand Canyon Rim to Rim”

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