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Pictures – Grand Canyon Rim to Rim

Welcome back! Hopefully you enjoyed reading about my trip from the north rim to the south rim – I had a great time writing about it. Especially after Clinton and I went back last weekend to visit the south rim. Looking down into the… Continue Reading “Pictures – Grand Canyon Rim to Rim”

Hiking #RimtoRim @Grand Canyon National Park – South Rim

I know I ended a bit abruptly last post – it is a lot to re-evaluate after walking out of the canyon the next day. As a reminder, here is where we left off… Heidie and I had spent a substantial amount of time… Continue Reading “Hiking #RimtoRim @Grand Canyon National Park – South Rim”

Hiking #RimtoRim @Grand Canyon National Park – North Rim

Last year I started to get in my head that one of the best adventures / hiking experiences I could have while living in the Southwest was hiking the Grand Canyon rim to rim. I started to read blogs, articles, and the NPS website… Continue Reading “Hiking #RimtoRim @Grand Canyon National Park – North Rim”

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