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Carl E. Bailey and other projects

Above my writing is a picture of Carl Edward Bailey, Arkansas’s 31st Governor. I have also started a blog for him, at . I am very excited about this because this is the beginning of my thesis project for my Masters Program. Basically,… Continue Reading “Carl E. Bailey and other projects”

Internship Halfway Mark!

I love old photos like the one above. They seem to show so much detail with only small amounts of color. Plus, a picture of a baseball team from 1910 can’t get much better! This photo is over 100 years old! It’s amazing to… Continue Reading “Internship Halfway Mark!”

Arkansas Foodways Project

Arkansas Foodways Project Timeline Check out the timeline I created for the Arkansas Foodways Project! Check back later for additional updates on my internship at the UALR Center for Arkansas History and Culture. I am almost to the halfway mark and going strong!

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