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#FindYourPark @Grand Canyon National Park with the #TravelingTalleys

It’s probably common knowledge that the Grand Canyon is magnificent. You see pictures all the time when just Googling “the west”, and many beautifully written articles almost make you feel like you’re standing right on the edge. But I promise you that none of…

#TalleyYourAdventure back east @Catoctin Mountain Park.

The #TravelingTalleys cannot speak enough about the fantastic opportunities to #OptOutside and #GetOutdoors that are available in the state of Maryland. One place that we had been looking forward to visiting for a long time was Catoctin Mountain Park. The park is only about…

America’s First President – George Washington and his home, Mount Vernon #FindYourHistoricHome

Without a doubt one of the most impressive places to visit is Mount Vernon. Clinton and I arranged to be in Washington D.C. For Labor Day weekend. I had booked a hotel in advanced for a really swank looking place close by to Dupont…

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