Internship Halfway Mark!

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We believe this item is covered by our copyright, fair use, or public domain. If you claim copyright, contact us:;

I love old photos like the one above. They seem to show so much detail with only small amounts of color. Plus, a picture of a baseball team from 1910 can’t get much better! This photo is over 100 years old! It’s amazing to be around such old history (yeah yeah, there is older history out there, don’t need to tell me twice!) and be able to record and preserve it for years to come.

I have happily finished recording the entire Rockefeller DVD collection to a MP4 file for you internet enthusiasts to view. I also finished the Facebook backlog up to the end of May. You lucky intern next year can complete what happens from then on!

From here, I have a few more tasks on my plate. I will be learning how to use ArchiveGrid and Ark-Cat, as well as digitizing the Public History Seminars. I am wrapping up the Oral History 1930 interviews. I have them recorded, but some of them were recorded on a different Hz so I need to slow them down so they don’t sound like chipmunks! I also need to finish the transcripts so that you can read what they are saying if you don’t understand! I also need to dive head first into my thesis project (hint: Carl Bailey?!) I’m super stoked to have finished such a large portion of my tasks during this internship and will be able to go back and take my time (hopefully) looking through the Carl Bailey Collection as a whole.

So, about 4 more weeks left and I will be looking to start my fall semester. Keep your eyes here for updates!

Arkansas Foodways Project

Arkansas Foodways Project Timeline

Check out the timeline I created for the Arkansas Foodways Project!

Check back later for additional updates on my internship at the UALR Center for Arkansas History and Culture. I am almost to the halfway mark and going strong!

Digital Internship

Welcome back, bloggers! I hope that you have been enjoying what is left of spring and the beginning of summer!

I am back as a graduate intern at the UALR Center for Arkansas History and Culture at the Arkansas Studies Institute building in downtown Little Rock and couldn’t be more excited. I am in week three and have been going strong. So far, I developed a project plan for the Facebook backlog and ripping the DVD collection of the Winthrop Rockefeller Collection so that it is available for viewing online. The Facebook backlog hasn’t been to difficult, just time consuming. Basically, I am going back through the pictures that have been posted on the UALR CAHC Facebook page and properly scanning, labeling and uploading the picture onto CONTENTdm so that we have a preservation copy for our records. The Rockefeller Collection is over 350 DVD’s that were saved and now I am ripping them to be available for online use instead of having to come down to the building and watching them here.

In addition, I am also involved in a few projects. The first project is the Oral History project, where recorded interviews with individuals from the 1930s (or around that time) are now to be available online. I am digitizing those as well…basically, converting them from VHS, Cassette or even reel-to-reel to a digital WAVE or MP3 file for online viewing. My second project is more personal – I am actually allowed to work on my own project thesis for graduate school! I still am looking over the Carl Bailey Collection – he was a governor in Arkansas – to determine if I want the thesis to be strictly about him or about something he did in particular. This is my personal project.

Lastly, I am involved in a few other projects that I have yet to be introduced to. I will be preparing files for Archive Grid and Ark-Cat as well as helping digitize history seminar papers. Again, not quite sure what this all entails, so I guess you’ll just have to check back here next week!

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