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Touring Historic #TowerofLondon with #CuzUK #HistoricLondon #BringaRainJacket

Our time in London would not have been complete without visiting the Tower of London. Located on the north bank of the River Thames in central London and contains over 1,000 years of history, the Tower of London is an impressive structure. Much like…

Historic #London Part One: Camden Town, Regent’s Park, Queen Mary’s Rose Garden and Princess Diana’s Memorial Walk

Welcome back! So far you’ve read about #CuzUK’s adventures in Sunderland and Scotland, but today we head into London, or more specifically the area where we were staying – Camden Town. We took a day just to stroll around the surrounding area, visiting multiple…

Scenic Drive to #CallendarHouse and #CuzUKs day visit to @Scotland

Welcome back to another great post about traveling overseas for the #TravelingTalleys and #CuzUK! During our trip to England, Emily and I had the opportunity to visit both Wales and Scotland for a day trip. When we were in Sunderland we were definitely closer…

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