Warhol, Rockwell and NPS Centennial

Welcome back, bloggers! This past month has been so exciting! Not only am I helping unpack, inventory and install our new temporary exhibit, I also am helping the National Park Service with their upcoming centennial!

First things first, the Clinton Library and our new temporary exhibit: Coca Cola! I am so excited to be helping with the process.coca-cola_andy_warhol_3_bottles It’s similar to the Peanuts exhibit I helped with earlier this year, but this time there is more expensive artwork I can add to my experiences and resume/CV. For instance, a few weeks ago I helped unpack the Andy Warhol and Norman Rockwell paintings, fill out a condition report and inventory;then I will be helping Jennifer install them in the coming days. Once the exhibit is up and running, I’ll walk through and take some pictures to show you. The other day, I was able to assist with a $25 million and $10 million painting! How cool! I am learning so much about how to properly pick up, hold, and move a valuable (and sometimes large and cumbersome) piece of artwork. It’s the same basic principals with other objects, but artwork is also framed and attention needs to be placed on how you lift a framed object. In addition, how you rest the object for inventory on a surface, and then how you install a heavy or strangely shaped, framed object is another rmw-005_201105F02_01consideration. One of the Rockwell pieces is housed in it’s original frame, and is absolutely gorgeous. It has been reinforced on the back, to keep the original frame while helping to minimize damage in the future. All of this is something to look at when determining the factors in presenting that artwork to the public. Where will we install it to minimize any patron damage? What about light damage?  I can’t wait to learn more in this process.

Another cool thing I am helping with is the promotion of the Centennial for the National Park Service! Here is a great video to help spread the word, which was created by YAP – Youth Ambassadors Program. The National Park Service will be turning 100  next year, and it is so important to start telling the nation about NPS-Centennial-E-Mail-Signature-11-24-14our lovely National Parks and all the historical places that you can visit. I highly encourage everyone to watch the video, post to a media platform of your choosing, and then go out and enjoy the Park Service! I bet you did not know that there were so many parks out there – over 400 sites, battlefields, parks, and seashores. I’m learning a lot about so many different places as I start my transition from a Pathways student at Central High National Historic Site to wherever I end up after I graduate. It is coming up fast, so stay tuned here for more information!

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