Introducing Kyzer: Adventure Pup!

Though Clinton and I had been traveling and exploring for years before we got a dog, we knew that when we did get a dog we wanted them to travel with us as much as possible. That’s why you get a dog – it’s your loyal companion and wants to go on adventure with you! When we got Kyzer we were living in Spokane, Washington. We lived close by to a large field where we were able to train him well, both on and off a leash. We follow the rules wherever we go in regards to leashes but it is also very important to us to be able to have them listen closely when off the leash. Many of the areas that we visit where the dogs are offleash are remote. We could come upon a ledge, a wild animal,or something poisonous. They are dogs, so of course they are going to be curious, but safety is a priority so good training is a necessity.

Kyzer has now lived in four states: Washington, Arkansas, Maryland, and now Arizona. Kyzer loves being outside, enjoys running and sniffing everything, and adores making friends. He’s five years old now and has really aged well, especially considering how adaptive he has had to be for the family. He’s also very good at being the guinea pig for many of the random “adventuring” ideas that Clinton and I went on early in his life.

When traveling with dogs always remember to pack water and snacks, and in the case of water you probably should pack more than you’re thinking. Kyzer sometimes wears a backpack that holds water/treats and his doggie bags. This helps for quick water breaks and the little bottles are easy to refill. As a harness, it is also great for maneuvering when he’s back on the leash. Kyzer absolutely loves swimming, so we make sure that when we consider a campground that we try and camp near an area where he can swim, or we stop by areas for him to swim along our travels.We don’t really let him swim in really cold water but just because I won’t go in doesn’t mean I’ll prevent him from swimming! What WILL prevent him from swimming are considerations like it’s dark and we plan to head into our tent soon. 🙂

Kyzer is a German Wirehaired Pointer, so he has a keen nose and loves looking and smelling for birds. He’s about 70 lbs and is a big lover, wanting nothing more than to lay right in your lap or on your feet in bed. He’s very observant, and is vocal about things that he thinks are incorrect or that we should be paying attention to, so he’s really a valuable member of the pack. He loves camping and learned his boundaries around a fire and in the dark around a campsite easily. He’s also one of the best trainers himself – when we got Kiraly, she followed him around and learned from him. It was one of the easiest training’s I’ve even done with an animal!

Personality wise he’s a total softy who wags his entire body when he meets someone, or recognizes someone he knows, or really anytime he is excited around others. He also loves meeting dogs – we routinely brought him to the dog parks in the places where we lived. I know I mentioned adaptive earlier, but consider this: His first living situation was a one bedroom apartment with a tiny third floor balcony. We purposely asked for a larger apartment when in Arkansas,and chose the area because there was another large field close by where we took him for walks most mornings. We did evening walks, weekend excursions, and always tried to bring him for a car ride.When we moved to Baltimore we were ready for a second dog, and had more space (at least up!) and an urban backyard (mostly concrete). Now we have a large backyard with grass, trees, and a front yard with large spaces to run. Very adaptive!

Along the way he’s made plenty of friends and is usually the pup we recommend if someone wants to pet one of our dogs. (Kiraly comes to you!) We always watch his attitude as well and can tell when he’s acting depressed, upset, or seems off. When we are in close proximity to each other, like when camping, we watch for when he wants to “be alone”. Yes, Kyzer will put himself to bed! And that’s okay, we just let him in the tent or bring a bed and put it on the ground near the fire and he’s out. What a cutie pie!

We can’t wait for more adventure with our pups. I’ll write a post about our other little one so you get a better idea of the#TravelingTalleys and the #AdventurePups. Until next time!

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