Harris Collection: The Gospel Temple Singers

The Gospel Temple Singers
Mary Lee Harris Papers (in process), UALR Center for Arkansas History and Culture.

As a Graduate Assistant for the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) Center for Arkansas History and Culture archival collections, housed in downtown Little Rock at the Arkansas Studies Institute building, I am excited to share a picture I discovered during my first two weeks. My collection to be processed this semester is the Mary Lee Harris Papers. Above is a photo that was preserved in her collection. It’s important for us as archivists to preserve history, especially through documents and pictures. Not only that, we need to take it a step further and bring this exciting information to anyone who wants to view it, even if they are miles away. This makes the internet such a great tool. I am learning about the digital aspect of historical preservation and will continue to share my progress. The Mary Lee Harris Papers are also a great representation of a local black family living in the south during a tumultuous time period. We are thankful to have this collection to share another point of view with the world.

Digitization has become such an important tool to not only archives, but museums and libraries as well. We strive to bring in visitors to view our collections while staying true to the future and the new digital era. This can be tricky. An important thing that I have learned while starting this graduating assistance is the importance of progression and patience, as well as the beauty of being able to share an experience or materials to others who are not able to drive downtown to visit.

2 Comments on “Harris Collection: The Gospel Temple Singers

  1. I like your awareness of the tension between promoting digitization and promoting the physical collections — yes, tricky! Good job.

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