Mary Lee Harris

Mary Lee Harris

Finally, I can put a face to the name of the woman who’s donated papers I am processing! This great discovery not only produced a picture of Mary Lee Harris, but of her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother as well. In addition, it has opened up the doors for Colin, a fellow archivists, and I go to explore the rest of the collection at the Mosaic Templar’s Cultural Center. Next week we have the honor of visiting with the members of this center and hopefully learn something new that we could not discover with the collection given to us! You can view their site here:

At the end of last week I finished editing my first draft of the Life Interrupted interview that I was given and will have my second draft sometime after Spring Break. I also have finished processing the Mary Lee Harris Papers and sent the draft in to the archivists and am awaiting their response. My last goal before Spring Break is to be halfway done digitizing the Scott Collection. I think I can achieve this and be on my way to finalizing many of my projects by the end of April!

The great thing about this graduate assistance is not only the support team that surrounds me – from the digital team to the archivists to my fellow GA – but also the things that I am doing that are resume worthy. I will be able to say I have processed a collection and that I am able to edit a video to be put online. I can also say that I know the basics of a webpage, like this one, and I personally hope to expand on this in the future.

All in all its been a good halfway point and I look forward to continuing full force when I come back! Have a great week!

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