#TalleyYourAdventure #TravelTips Dress smartly and enjoy the view!

Little Rock, Arkansas

Depending on the situation your clothes can play a big part in your day. Uniforms are common, but what I mean is more what you personally decide to wear on a day that you plan to hike or #GetOutdoors. Comfortably is key, but make sure it is smart!

Alaska is a cold environment, even in summer. But did you know that the mosquitoes are so thick and prevelent in the summer that it is hard to even breath in remote areas? When we worked in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge we experienced these high levels of mosquitoes and dressed appropriately. We even had screened masks so that we didn’t breath them in during our hikes – I am not kidding.

You’d think dressing in light clothes when visitin the desert is smart, but don’t be fooled. The sun is a killer in more ways than one. Not only could you burn your skin, but you could become easily dehydrated without proper clothing. Wear clothes with a protective sun screen layer. These types of clothes are usually light weight to begin with, and have the additional bonus of protecting your skin from the sun. Wearing a hat with a brim or a headband can help keep your face from burning and keep your internal temperature level. Don’t forget to wear socks and make sure they are the correct thickness.

As you continue to #TalleyYourAdventure we hope that these #TravelTips help you! Feedback is always appreciated. Keep tuned in to this website and follow us for more up to date information on our travels!

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